The Desert River

The Desert River is the first feature film to be produced by November5. The film is about a British Naval Officer who develops PTSD and substance misuse issues after serving in The Gulf. He loses everything but realises he functions better when he’s more active. In an attempt to sober up for good and win back his wife he decides to walk from Casa Blanca to Cape Town along the Western African shipwreck trail. Here he comes across the wrecks of other captains and meets an ancient African Desert tribe who lead him to a special place of healing: The Desert River.

The film is being shot on location in Portsmouth, Casa Blanca, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and South Africa. A well-known South African actor has already been cast as the leader of the ancient African tribe and a preliminary trailer has been produced:

Updates will be posted regularly on this website.

The Desert River trailer from Braam Ackermann on Vimeo.